Okay, so my English class takes place in a room with computer banks and every student has their own computer to do whatever they please with during class. 

I don’t know why we need computers in an English class, but alas. 

So anyway, my professor walks in and sees a couple of people on facebook and what not. So he turns to us and goes

"You guys know that your professors can look at the student computer screens from the head computer right?"

And the whole class starts going “Show us! Show us!” So my prof goes up to the main computer and turns on the projector and starts showing us how he can see all of our screens at once and click to enlarge one particular screen and so on. 

So when he finally clicks through to my computer screen what’s the only thing I have up?

This picture: 

And everybody laughed and my prof just looked out over the students and said,

"Whoever’s computer this is…. Good job."

It’s been a good day.