boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit


boy toy named Troy used to live in Detroit

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Oh I made a post a long time ago responding to false reports that JK Rowling offered Evanna Lynch the part of Luna Lovegood if she recovered from her eating disorder, which isn’t true. And that post has made the rounds and I guess this person got pissed off somehow that I prefer facts as opposed to you know, lies that perpetuate shitty perceptions of people with mental illness.

Anonymous: Who fucking cares about that. Face it she for the part because of the disease and her affiliation with J.K Rowlings.. It doesn't mean any less that way she's just a dumb girl. If she was smart enough to care she would have been born a boy

I’m guessing this is a response to my post about Evanna Lynch and her eating disorder, which consistently gets a lot of traffic, and I would respond to this genuinely about why the perception of those with eating disorders and their accomplishments after recovery is very important. I could talk about how our belief that people with mental illnesses just need to be “saved” is damaging. I could talk about a lot of things. 

But honestly, this ask is so incoherent and vaguely sexist (“If she was smart enough to care she would have been born a boy” ????? like what does that even mean? I don’t think you know how biology or gender works??? Also what?????!??) that I don’t even feel like it’s worth the time and effort it would take me to properly respond. 

Evanna didn’t get the part because she’d written to JK Rowling. 

JK Rowling didn’t offer her the part. 

Evanna didn’t get better because JK Rowling bribed her with the role of Luna. 

Women are berated for their looks so fucking thoroughly in our society that literally three year-olds who have had the tiniest of exposure to mainstream media start to believe they’re fat and develop eating disorders. And I was one of those three year-olds. Women have to put up with so much body image bullshit, we’re basically brainwashed to care. And anyone who doesn’t accept that can blow me

The end.


I love having a Windows phone because people get into their arguments about apple vs android and I’m just over in the corner like “LOOK AT THE PRETTY COLORS ON MY HOME SCREEN!” 


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Remember when you made me go see this with you at like midnight and there was a guy a few rows back SNORING AT AN UNGODLY VOLUME and you got so mad you ratted him out to an employee and then you came back and I was asleep






I just don’t understand where this concept of ‘fake geek girls’ came from. Like, AT ALL.

Cus when I look for fandom related stuff like 90% of the fan art and the fanfiction and the meta, zines, comics, etc. Like 90% of the shit that I’ve seen is created by women & girls.

And all that stuff take’s a lot of work and research and critical analysis and staring at reference photos for hours.

We are literally the most well versed and invested group in the fandom. So, like, What the fuck boys? You mad you can’t keep up?

I saw an argument, and I can’t find it now, but it totally made sense, that there’s a gender split in fandom. Male fandom tends to be a curator fandom; male fandom collects, organizes, and memorizes facts and figures. Male fandom tends to be KEEPERS of the canon; the fandom places great weight on those who have the biggest collection, the deepest knowledge of obscure subjects, the first appearances, creators, character interactions.

Female fandom is creative. Females create fanart, cosplay, fanwritings. Female fandom ALTERS canon, for the simple reason that canon does not serve female fandom. In order for it to fit the ‘outsider’ (female, queer, POC), the canon must be attacked and rebuilt, and that takes creation.

"Male" fandom devalues this contribution to fandom, because it is not the ‘right’ kind of fandom. "Girls only cosplay for attention, they’re not REAL fans!" "Fanfiction is full of stupid Mary Sues, girls only do it so they can make out with the main character!" "I, a male artist, have done this pin-up work and can put it in my portfolio! You, a female artist, have drawn stupid fanart, and it’s not appropriate to use as a professional reference!"

In the mind of people who decry the ‘fake geek girl,’ this fandom is not as worthy. It damages, or in their mind, destroys the canon. What is the point of memorizing every possible romantic entanglement of heterosexual white Danny Rand if someone turns around and creates a fanwork depicting him as a bisexual female of Asian descent (thus subverting Rand’s creepy ‘white savior’ origins)? When Danny Rand becomes Dani Rand, their power is lessened. What is important to them ceases to be the focus of the discussion. Creation and curatorship can work in tandom, but typically, in fandom, they are on opposite poles.

This is not to say that there aren’t brilliant male cosplayers or smashing female trivia experts, this is to say that the need of the individual fan is met with opposing concepts: In order for me to find myself in comics, I need to make that space for myself, and that is a creative force. Het white cis males are more likely to do anything possible to defend and preserve the canon because the canon is built to cater to them.

This is genuinely the best post I have ever read.

Comment bolded by me because effing important that’s why.

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Touching you, touching me
Touching you, god you’re touching me…

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Absolutely! I adore the graphic novel and I bought the like million dollar ten thousand hour boxset for the film when it came out even though I don’t really like Zach Snyder. Which is a testament to how much I love Watchmen and adore Patrick Wilson. He was one of the only redeeming parts of that adaptation, in my opinion. But, again, I saw it three times in the theatre and paid 60 dollars for a boxset. So. I can’t really talk about how inadequate it was as an adaptation. The acting was great for the most part. Zach Snyder’s just a little soulless.

It amuses me to no end that Patrick Wilson is a character actor. 

I mean, props to the guy. Character actors are kind of consistently the best actors out there because they’re constantly changing. They play such a wide range. And Patrick Wilson fits that bill. He’s done musicals, Arthur Miller, Neil Simon, comedies, action films, horror films. He’s played villains and leading men and assholes and pathetic down-on-their-luck types. Like off the top of my head, some of his favorite roles of mine have been him as a pedophile photographer and a closeted gay mormon lawyer. 

And yet, the man looks like a freaking all-american, quarterback, adonis. 

You’d expect him to be the romantic lead. The action hero. More often than not though he’s coming out of left field with some kitschy seventies space movie or dark comedy. 

I have a large appreciation for Patrick Wilson. 


I think we went to high school together.
At the same time? - Young Adult (2011)